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15 ways to avoid making a major decision

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15 Ways to Avoid Making a Major Decision from From How to Be, do, or Have Anything by Laurence Boldt.


Which ones do you use? I've mastered all of them at one time or another, but right now I'm on #s 12 - 15.


Almost every one of these roadblocks could be construed as figments of delusion, as the term delusion is used in Buddhist psychology; a failure to perceive inner and outer reality without distortion.




1. Fail to recognize the need to make one.


2. Resist change (seek security in sameness).


3. Fail to adequately weigh the potential positive benefits.


4. Create distractions (or situational chaos).


5. Create conflict (or interpersonal chaos).


6. Get lost in detail (compulsive control).


7. Get lost in routine (structural control).


8. Dump responsibility on others (actively shift the locus of control).


9. Wait for permission (passively shift the locus of control).


10. Hide in depression, i.e., nothing will work (deny locus of control).


11. Escape into fantasy (avoid the limits of earthy existence).


12. Wait for the perfect time (deny the shortness of life).


13. Wait to perfect yourself (obsess on winning approval).


14. Wait for all the possible information and alternatives to be considered.


15. Deny your capacity to handle the consequences and demands of your decisions (deny your abilities).




#16. Spending too much time in TheTaoBums!! :lol:

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Yes guilty of them all at one time or another.


I do feel however that I am showing small signs of improvement except for number 16. B)

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