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Attention People who are interested in Mo Pai

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Hi guys,


The interest is of course understandable, and the reasons for practice of it aren't always great, but not always bad. I don't think every thing that is done needs a reason in mind aswell.


The fact is at the end of the day the only person who could tell you if Mo Pai worked, or if it were a scam is you. If you practiced it. I find alot of people on the internet first tell people they've practiced, or know level 1 to 2a, then mislead people who are just interested to "know". Alot of people like what they're doing and actually don't want to practice Mo Pai. They are still interested in how it works though.


I just think it'd be better if people didn't try to mislead others, just for validation an original poster wants. Because he or she is uncertain, or has an inneundo.



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