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The Po Corporeal Soul and Re-viving the Dead

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So I was reading this anthropology of the weird article and this part jumps out:


As I watched them I became intensely aware of their back-and-forth motion. I began to see the goka and the corpse tied together in the undulating rhythms of the singing, the beating of the iron hoes, and the movement of feet and bodies. Then I saw the corpse jolt and occasionally pulsate, in a counterpoint to the motions of the goka. At first I thought that my mind was playing tricks with my eyes, so I cannot say when the experience first occurred; but it began with moments of anticipation and terror, as though I knew something unthinkable was about to happen. The anticipation left me breathless, gasping for air. In the pit of my stomach I felt a jolting and tightening sensation, which corresponded to moments of heightened visual awareness. What I saw in those moments was outside the realm of normal perception. From both the corpse and goka came flashes of light so fleeting that I cannot say exactly where they originated. The hand of the goka would beat down the iron hoe, the spit would fly from his mouth, and suddenly the flashes of light flew like sparks from a fire. Then I felt my body become rigid. My jaws tightened and at the base of my skull I felt a jolt as though my head had been snapped off my spinal column. A terrible and beautiful sight burst upon me. Stretching from the amazingly delicate fingers and mouths of the goka, strands of fibrous light played upon the head, fingers, and toes of the dead man. The corpse, shaken by spasms, then rose to its feet, spinning and dancing in a frenzy. As I watched, convulsions in the pit of my stomach tied not only my eyes but also my whole being into this vortex of power. It seemed that the very floor and walls of the compound had come to life, radiating light and power, drawing the dancers in one direction and then another. Then a most wonderful thing happened. The talking drums on the roof of the dead man’s house began to glow with a light so strong that it drew the dancers to the rooftop. The corpse picked up the drumsticks and began to play.


O.K. before I give the background to the above quote -- let's consider the wiki entry on the corporeal and incorporeal souls in Taoism: Someone on taobums had also used this metaphor:

Loewe (1979:9) explains with a candle metaphor; the physical xing is the "wick and substance of a candle", the spiritual po and hun are the "force that keeps the candle alight" and "light that emanates from the candle".



The Daoist Shangqing School has several meditation techniques for visualizing the hun and po. In Shangqing Neidan "Internal Alchemy", Baldrian-Hussein says,


the po plays a particularly somber role as it represents the passions that dominate the hun. This causes the vital force to decay, especially during sexual activity, and eventually leads to death. The inner alchemical practice seeks to concentrate the vital forces within the body by reversing the respective roles of hun and po, so that the hun (Yang) controls the po (Yin). (2008:533)


Anyway it says the po is of the lungs and the breath but also controls the vital organ emotions life force -- while the hun is the light. It seems the po is the chi of the body. The above wiki gives examples of the dead being revived -- either from the po energy on its own or bring back the hun to the po in the body.


I know from Taoist Yoga - -when the lung energy slows down and combines with the heart energy this creates compassion -- sadness plus over-excitement equals compassion....or by the slowing of breath the love of the heart is turned into electromagnetic chi energy. So the po of the corporeal spirit helps to build up the hun incorporeal spirit.


O.K. so the first quote I posted is from this anthropology paper by Bruce Grindal:


Now the mentions I've seen of his paper don't give the details -- but in the full paper he records other examples of the dead coming back to life -- based on how strong their juju (magical) energy is -- but most importantly it's stated their soul has already left their body! So there is a clear distinction between the person's soul -- like the Taoists made -- and their life force energy.


Nevertheless -- a real shaman is supposed to use their chi to power the astral flight of the spirit when it leaves the body. But I would assume there is some residual chi - if a person has enough chi for astral travel then their body would also have strong chi left behind. So this would explain why some bodies don't decay much at all for a long time or that the bones have special crystal properties, etc., the dead coming back to life.


I know there is mention of qigong master Yan Xin re-viving the dead also - -healing -- bring back the dead to life. I looked for more details before but couldn't find any.


Still it's nice to find corroboration of Taoism in Africa -- I mean the Bushmen healing culture, the original human culture, is the same as Taoism and kundalini and Tummo -- called N/om in the Bushmen culture - -described the same, etc.


So then the Bantu cultures -- it makes sense there is similar experiences to Taoism....


Oh yeah and Grindal wrote a follow up piece a few years ago about his return to the same area -- and how it's changed since he saw the above dead revival divination ritual. But the main reason young males are leaving the village to move to the city is because of their fear of witchcraft!!

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Po is red chi and Hun the true blue chi. Blue is literally life and red is death. The two function in accord.

The Po has a physical form and purpose that begins all crystallization like in DNA and proteins. It can

be reawakened any time. Egyptian Ka is like Po that is seat of the souls (Ba) conciousness it belonged to.

It is hidden in the marrow and in sexual fluids of note because the Po can be freed up from sexual fluids

much more easily than from the marrow. There's a gong for purifying the marrow

of the hands and arms. The Po is purified and refined in the chakras rising upwards in stages as the Holy Ojas.

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