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I AM Awakening

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It may be that is where George Lucas got some of his ideas-though he also had long talks with J. Campbell.


I am very much with ya in this. That union of science and spirituality is a very important concept and a basic attraction of Taoism. (at least for me). Its all about the countless forces of nature...


It is rational and based on imperical observations of how those forces work in nature...

There is no conflict in the faith I have in reason and the reasons I have for faith.


The oneness of all matter/energy/consciousness/spirit in myriad trans- form - ations is also why/how the Yi Jing works. Once the concept of unity is accepted -


The universe is quite user-friendly (even if the spinach isn't ) once the food-chain is transcended...



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you got me all excited with the thread title, man :P

I thought you were in the process of 'awakening' there for about 2-3 seconds :rolleyes:

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Hi sean;


I found this on the internet "Reflections of a taoist"


Meditation, key to other dimensions?:

Could Meditation hold the key to other dimensions? Some scientist think so, it seems physics and mathematics can only allow us a glimpse of possibilities of other existing dimensions but impossible to reach them with today's technologies. According to DR Michio Kaku, a professor of nuclear physics, in his years of study of superstring theory and quantum physics, came to the conclusion that if we are to have any hopes in finding ways to enter portals into other dimensions, we would have to seek out knowledge from those in the East, such as Taoist, Buddhist and Yogis! It seems that instead of using metallic machines, we might be able to accomplish this one day using the "mind" via meditation. So meditation shows promise in this area. Check out the book, Hyperspace by Michio Kaku.


Birth of the Universe:

I sometimes ponder with delight and interest of the similarities between Taoism and Physics, for example: notice the similarities between the big bang theory and the Taoist view of from non-existence comes existence. Also the similarities between the big bang and Lao Tzu saying Tao give's birth to One, One gives birth to Two, Two gives birth to Three, and Three gives birth to the Ten Thousand Things.


Tao being Voidness.

One being Fullness.

Two being Yin Yang.

Three being man/earth/heavens (the five elements).

Ten Thousand Things being all that exist. (total existence)


Now my theory is as follows:

Tao being 10 Dimentional Hyperspace (potential) gives birth to One,

One being Big Bang gives birth to Two,

Two being Positive and Negative "Opposites" gives birth to Three,

Three being (Energy) "Gravity" gives birth to Ten Thousand Things,

Ten Thousand Things being The Total Universe and/or Universes.


I don't know how this fits into your topic but I saw it and was facinated by it.



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