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My poem for you...

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Call Center Blues

by Aaron


How easy it is to get lost

in the halls of this building.

White washed with blue trim,

the length is a long step

taken backwards.


And in the open spaces

lay rows of cubicles.

Steel and cardboard

coated with tan fabric

sewn to surfaces-

a thousand monitors

sit patiently waiting.


This is the center of the earth,

the well where buckets are drawn.

There is only a soft hum

of the computers,

and the deep breath

of the ghosts that dwell within

the framework of a dream.


Look out the window,

that world is not yours,

it exists only in fantasy.

The trees are a commodity.

The roads are vessels of production.

The parking lot is filled with hearses,

waiting to shuttle the dead to their homes.

Edited by Twinner

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