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A full training program

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I was discussion my line of thought in this other two topics you might read them for extra information:

"Building concentration with Mantra", "Yin training vs Yang training".




15m - Mantra - Jesus prayer in john 17

5m - Taoist breath - by Bruce k Frantzis

7m - Ba Duan Jing - Shaolin form, Shi Deyang

5m - Tai Chi - 24 form simplified, or standard

3m - Fire Dragon Palm - Lu Zijian junction between Bagua + 5 elements + Tai Chi

15m - Baguazhang - Liu Jingru Cheng style

3m - 64 hands - Liu Denkun's Bagua + xing yi

15m - Zhan zhuang - Standing meditation

10m - Yoga - Mainly warrior II, could add Triangle, Cobra




Qi training don't train the mind, it does a maintenance to the body. Its an energetic training, capable of exercise the body. You may want to train the mind also.


Tai Chi


The 24 standard is a nice form to start, almost all Qi practitioner knows it. you can executed it 5m minutes. Simplicity and efficiency thats resume it, its so soft that can serve was a harm up.


64 Palms


The coordination at a fast speed develops concentration, which Tai Chi and Baguazhang don't do that much. So you have that extra in concentration and a know how in to self defense. This may be optionally.


Fire Dragon Palm


This is a stable and mature set of exercises. They are so short when finished you say only this? But they work well, they open the body to allow the energy to flow. I definitely include in any program.




This is the Top Qi training, if you are serious about your training then you should consider learning a form of Baguazhang.


Zhan zhuang


A classic form of meditation, you need it to take your Qi to the next level, that inner observation from stillness add a lot to your training, most schools do it, you can't remove it from your training. You can short it but removing is a mistake. Also can help bodybuilding.




Yoga is good if you don't over extend it, its a great bodybuilding, meditation and exercise. A nice all-in-one. The warrior II is much more better for bodybuilding then a full horse stance, because it put less tension in your heart.



If you want to take your Qigong to the next level you should read this books: "The roots of Chinese Qigong", "The secrets of youth", "Embryonic Breathing", "Small Circulation". They are all from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.


They have the base theory of Qigong, why it works, they are not a training program. If you need it read the book "Qigong Empowerment". A Good book on Tai Chi and Baghuazhang is also advised.


If you can find a good master great! But then, without the base theory you will not understand what you are doing, you are just following instructions. I have trained with a few good masters and also without them. If you really committed you will do great on your own.

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Before you consider the training program as Garbage let me inform you that i develop a learning process to master a style in a few easy steps


LOL, master a style in a few easy steps, eh?


Maybe you can share this learning process with us so that we can all become masters!

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You need to know that the mind learns much more what he does, then what it listens or reads. Like if you discuss a subject it is more likely that you remember it.


I got a instruction DVD, lets say from the 64 hands from Liu Denkuan's, its divided in 8 sets which contains 5 to 9 movements per set. First learn only the first 3 movements. Repeat only these 3 until they are well known. 20 to 40 times per day. Then add 3 more, now do all 6, the first 3 already learn and the 3 new ones. Repeat again until known.


When you completed this first step, you have learn the movement's in raw way. But there's more to it.


The second step is to perfect the movements to get benefits from it. For that you need to find the Chi in the movement. For this you need to fell the movement. With VLC player you can slow down the movie to watch the movement's in close detail in order to perfect them.


If you perfect your movement close enough to the master, you will realize that in perfection you get close to feel the Chi. You can fell it by your self, this can take you a lot of time. To do it in your own movements. Perfection by it self get you close to the feeling.


If you go learn with a master, first it will take you a lot of time just to learn the movement's. Because the master will do the all set in a row. These will consume you a lot of time. For me its just a wast of time. What you need is just the first 3 movements and not the all set.


After you learn the raw movements, the instructor can serve a purpose, because now you know where to look in order to perfect the movements. To achieve a good flow of the movement to get you the Chi. But you can do this with the DVD in slow motion. By systematically observe and practice.


I found that mixing several different styles its better to learn the flow of Chi. But it can be just me.


Keep in mind although i have a level of Chi i'm not a master. I can put my Cat's to sleep with sending them Chi, i have 2, one wild and one meek. The meek one falls asleep much easier and the wild much harder. If a dog comes after me in the street barking i send i'm some Chi and it goes away.


Being perfect on what you do and practice on a daily basis its the only way to produce results. And use a high ranked form like "24 form, Tai Chi standard". Those 1001 forms from youtube are just pointless.


This can be a little boring, but well... how really do you want to learn it?

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