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Organic vs "Organic" potato

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Apparently they will always find a way to poison us.


The English wikipedia article currently contains almost no information:

It doesn't even have a discussion page.

I wonder which one the girl was referring to.


Look at the German one:


On one hand it says that it can be found in deep fried potato products, on the other hand it says it's chemically unstable at raised temperatures. To me that sounds like the legally accepted limits are far too high.


It is a scandal that the substance it is confirmed as a danger to our health, but still accepted just because 'a little poison is acceptable'.

Then again... there's chlorine in tap water.



P.S.: Kinda funny to watch how that young girl already knows how to put up a facade ... she switches all the time between the fake tone of voice and her obvious insecurity. :rolleyes:

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Crazy double-standards... the FDA makes so much trouble regarding time-tested natural products, but the newest frankenstein monster from the chem labs is quickly allowed.

Oh, another funny poison: aspartame. It is undisputed - you can even look it up on Wikipedia - that when it is broken down in the human body, one of the products is methanol (the alcohol that makes blind) and then converted into formaldehyde (a nerve toxin). One guy who drank huge amounts of a certain beverage even died, and then they put his wife in prison because they claimed she poisoned her husband with cleaner fluid. Perverted ... the industry kills your husband and you go to prison. And now the industry has started that fight where they claim that natural food is a health hazard and are raiding (marauding horde style) non-public produce exchanges that sell raw milk to their members.

One shouldn't see the world black/white, but with behavior like this, those organisations are really asking for being seen as the embodiment of pure evil, or agents of death.

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