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a neat meditation

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this has been helping me so i will share it.


sit or lie down as you usually do. as you begin, visualize your environment as a cosmic womb, providing for you all you need, and see this womb made out of light. if you are in a room, see the room as the womb. if you are outdoors, see your environment as the womb. but relate your surroundings, as they were to your conscious mind before you closed your eyes, to the womb.


see an umbilical cord made of light come from the womb into your navel. mine always looks like a tornado that gets small at the navel, but i suppose it would work any old way it works for you! don't use force to draw energy in, just trust that life has all the energy you need, enough for everyone, and as you make the connection, feel light energy from the womb, and outside the womb, fill you. let your body become light inside and let your organs muscles bones and centers bathe in light. let all parts of your anatomy and energy body bathe in light.


see the environment (the air around your skin and all around) as light. i recommend white light, but i also recommend that if you work with blue or green light as healing light, or if you want to work with any color light, to do that. feel yourself floating, a being of light, nourished by the cosmos, freely suspended in a sea of light in all directions.


let the light within, the light of the "womb" and cord, and the light of the environment merge into one light. let all distinctions and barriers between your light and other light dissolve and die, and let the light of spirit, or cosmos, or oneness, or whatever you relate to, absorb your being.


after working with the white light or whatever light you work with (which is like fullness), try working with clear light, which is luminous but invisible (and is like emptiness), for some yin balance. you can see the oneness white light transmute into the clear light when you feel full or rejuvenated. resting in the emptiness of clear light is really refreshing too!


i hope you enjoy trying this! you can do it in 5-10 min when you get used to it, and that doesnt take long. its a nice morning meditation to do in bed, and you can incorporate whatever other light or energy work you do into it! i would love to hear how others adapt it to their own practice! bless

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