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For anyone is Sweden/Stockholm

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Wanted to give a heads up and a call out to people in the stockholm area, I know there are at least some of you taobums living around here.


I learned Yigong from a chinese doctor and healer named yang chungui before summer, it boosted my own practice to new levels, made me as healthy as I have ever been, and pretty much solved many things I had been wondering about and not been able to completely get to work (like the sex-aspect which I have always struggled to enspiritualize more, but never fully succeeded with).


I'm sure he will hold another course soon, now in autumn, and I am going to retake it. would be cool to get some more people there.


The course is basically focused on focusing and circulating energy in the ren and du mai, interspaced with drinking lots of delicious chinese oolong and getting help from Dr Yang's qi (which feels like sitting in a microwave or something).


Give a shout if you're interested in going. Dr Yang is very low key, but extremely amicable and kind as soon as you step towards him. Gathering up some people beforehand and asking him as a group to hold a course is probably ideal, 5-8 people would be enough. I'm going to ask some friends elsewhere also.


his homepage: (it's in swedish)


PS! This yigong is not the same as the kunlun thing i've seen people discuss here. It is Dr Yang's family tradition of qigong and meditation.

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