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Just thought Id introduce myself...and because I have to lol


My names Sinan, I live in England. Im 21


Ive been interested in this area since about 16 and a half, when I wanted to learn to become more confident for women. I learned about beliefs, how to change them, which eventually turned into listening to eckhart tolle, alan watts, david deida, different types of meditations, different books etc.


About a year ago started some tai chi classes, Sedona method, Yoga classes, Im always looking at new ways to improve my peace of mind, happiness, relaxation, love, compassion and bliss.


I've dropped out of a course at university a year or so ago because after volunteering Ive decided I want the kind of job I enjoy.


So at the moment, Im looking to work in this field of healing etc...EFT, Trauma release exercises, meditation.


I dont know that much about tai chi although Ive done some amount but this site looks full of knowledgeable guys. Ive already learned a lot just from browsing.


Anyways thats my introduction..



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