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Emotions, Peptides And Addiction

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After viewing the quantum edition of what the bleep do we know..(it's 6 CDs, btw) and I just saw 1! and it seems different from the original.

I didn't focus too much on this part last time because I was more interested in the reality ideas, however, part of the video talks about how we are basically addicts. We are addicted to certain habitual emotions, such as being in love, being victimized, depression, etc. because of the rush of chemicals they provide in our bodies. In fact, when our cells are deprived of these chemicals, we start to invent situations to get the chemicals back. Really explains people with the 'why is this always happening to me' mentality and people who are always falling in love. The more we indulge in these chemicals, the more receptors our cells create when they divide to absorb these not only do we need more and more, but less receptors for beneficial activities are available (such as absorbing vitamins or excreting wastes).

This to me is one fascinating area of study..what chemicals are you addicted to?? Is this cool or what..


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