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Many know me as V,...from Vicente or Vincenza,...I'm ambi-gender.


It was suggested that I check out the thread on 'How to Recognize Enlightenment' posted by Goldisheavy, and found the comments and intercommunications delightful.


For me, I consider everyone enlightened, that is, that everyone has an Unborn Awareness whose obscurity depends on the depth of conditioning. As far as recognizing a lightly veiled or unveiled person, for myself is rather easy.


Lawyers, Physicians, Astrologers, etc., all have their own language, too does one who has, or is close to, uncovering Heart Mind. I would suggest that one who has uncovered Heart-Mind uses a very specific language,...not only a language that has the ability to discern the false as the false, as in neti-neti,...but one that also recognizes at least a single truth; because ultimately, all truth is the same and unchanging. Anything that changes cannot be true in an absolute way.


A truth would be something like what the following words point to, "there is no present in time." One who understands this beyond conceptuality, thinking, and beliefs, has penetrated the veils of conditioning to such an extent that they can easily recognize a Tathagata. (Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!...which is a simple definition of a Tathagata, go, to come, beyond going and coming, into complete going and coming, where enlightenment is welcomed, who understands the reverse flow of forward-moving things).


For most however, a dedication to recognizing the false as the false will go a long way towards uncovering the Heart-Mind. As Osho said,..."anyone who gives you a belief system is your enemy"

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