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Crane Frolics Qi Gong

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Just finished a DVD on the Crane Frolics Qi Gong set. One set out of the larger practice of the Five Animal Frolics.




The movements mimic the way the Crane moves its wings and stands on one leg.

This set is a great way to combat stress, boost your energy, and keep your joints strong and flexible.


This DVD contains:

* Introduction

* Hand Positions

* Crane Stance

* Crane Frolics Qigong

o 1. Windmill Crane

o 2. Breathing Crane I

o 3. Soaring Crane

o 4. Squatting Crane

o 5. Breathing Crane II

o 6. Stepping Crane

o Footwork Details

o 7. Beak in the Mud

o 8. Circle Crane

o 9. Basic Crane

o 10. White Crane Spreads Wings

o Ending Your Practice

* Demonstration


This new 96 minute DVD is now available at Shen Long Publishing



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