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Bodri on absorbing solar energy via eyes...

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Dangerous in two ways:


(1) possibly hurt retina -> blindness


(2) the iris or pupil will pop out if you do it wrong (some guy in Taiwan

tried it and that happened and he went to the protect god of a temple who

taught him the method and the protect god said he didn't know what to do

so told him he should go to Nan Huai Chin. LOL!!!)


(3) safer to asborb the essence of the moon but saw a guy in Chiangxia who

tried to do that for sun and moon and screwed himself up BIGTIME.


You can't willynilly practice this without someone watching you otherwise

you really set wrong chi flows into motion...the methods are really for

people who know what they're doing and can feel it because their chi mai are opened.


They can do it, but have to be careful. It's common info. The best one is to suck

in the natural light LIGHTLY into the back of the brain which tends to open that area up,

but TAOISTS tend to suck too hard and hurt themselves. It's gentle and it

leads into the Taoist practice of inner viewing of seeing into the body

(inner seeing) and opening up the hind brain, which is the purpose

entirely. It's a way of cultivating quasi-shen. Similar to the skeleton

method thru a diffeent access route. Think about it and you'll see how.


There's some blue and white book by Livia Kon(?) that deals with such

methods; also mentioned by Needleham or whaver his name was. I forget the

names exactly but have the books in Hong Kong. remember, all the eye

superpowers they're referring to come from opening up the back/hind area

of the brain but the tendency is to play with that, rather than delve into

samadhi (thru inner viewing) once you open it. We had guys over the

years visit Master Nan because they could see things in the far disance

from related eye superpowers they cultivatd and he yelled at both of them

not to keep playing wit it else you'll drop and never improve the real

practice to samadhi.

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Like walking over hot coals, the practice can hurt you if you are too extreme or are afraid of it. Also, the basic practice can be toned down to keeping the eyes closed, just watching the sunrise itself then looking at the ground towards the sun, etc and pick up on much of the benefit. Just like they say, the energy charges up the solarplexus which is very supportive of the emotions and of other practices.


But I think it's important to put out very serious warnings about the practice and that it's not for everyone (anyone???) Maybe Hira at is overstating the practice in a way that may be dangerous. Could be. Living off sunlight is a seriously far out claim, after all. As Pavel says, "kettlebells can be EXTREMELY dangerous--use your head, Comrade!" Let Uncle Yoda take point on this one! If Sean wants, he can even delete these posts, and I can clam up on it and that would be fine.


Didn't know about the ironmind attachments for the COC--thanks! Just working on getting better at pistols, maybe gripwork in a casual manner, but am not ready for the one arm pullup for awhile. "Old Jack" on dragondoor trained himself on them at age 65--so there's plenty of time!



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