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Many people are interested in my healer’s training program and want to know when it will start and qualifications required of the students. I don’t know when or if ever. I let celestial masters choose. I teach seminars to draw interested people. I teach retreats as a screening agent. To find 10 right people may be a wish too high, but if there is one right person comes to the door, I will be there to serve. If you just want to be trained as a skillful healer, take my retreats as much as you can as an opportunity. Every retreat will be a bit different from now on. But to be qualified as a ready student is a different issue. I am not easy to please. There is nothing you can offer me, other than your readiness, which will interest me.



1. First readiness: you are born ready, which means that you are after something life after life. Your goal drives your determination and devotion. Your goal is your priority to exist. Your action is compelled by subconsciousness. You create your karma.

2. Second readiness: everything you do in this life enhances your readiness. When the opportunity arises you will not miss it. Your goal drives your determination and devotion. You will give up everything for that goal. Your goal is your purpose for this life. Your action is compelled by determined consciousness. You change your karma.

3. Possible readiness: conditioned readiness, which means if I am called for it, if I see the signs, if I have time and money, if it does not conflict with my other plans and schedule, if I don’t have to give up my other hobbies, if it is not too much trouble, if I feel like it, and so forth … Your action is compelled by a fluctuating mind. Your actions are swayed by your karma.

4. Unreadiness: You think about it, but it’s merely a thought and you never take any action on it or there are always obstacles preventing you from taking any action. Your actions are compelled by your karma.


Most people (that are interested in a spiritual path) are in the third category. Only the first and second categories of readiness count to be ready for walking on the true spiritual path. When you are ready, everything comes your way. You are honest and humble. You have a pure heart for all your passions. You have the ability to see your own faults. You are easily correcting yourself and moving on with your life. Your priorities are straight. You are not looking for personal gain to increase your individuality. You determine to change your karma with everything you’ve got. You are willing to use every breath to obtain your goal regardless of what comes. You are not bound by your personal issues or take anything personally. Your compassion and loving kindness is unconditioned but wise. You are able to see and accept the true as it is. You have a high goal. You are cultivating, cultivating and cultivating, regardless of the outcome.


When you are not ready, you are the opposite of readiness. You have a lack of faith, have doubts and regrets all the time, don’t trust yourself or others, have a hard time to accept truth and want to live on your own fantasized ideals. You are unable to see your own faults but complain about others for all your failures. You easily give up your effort for your goal. You prefer phenomena to reality. Your six senses are all outward and unable to turn around. Personal gains dominate your heart. You are always looking for results and returns and are always conditioned in your actions. You can only hear praise not criticism. You don’t really know what you want. Your actions are dominated by your emotions. You are not truthful to yourself. You willingly dwell on the illusions.


Everyone likes to hear the good about themselves but I am here to make myself very unpopular. Nevertheless, I am not trying to praise anyone or disparage anyone, but simply to share a truth for those who are longing to walk on the spiritual path. I do not mean to say that one that is not ready for one thing, is not ready for anything. It is just a straightforward response for those who have been asking me about readiness or want to know what my opinion of readiness is.


Through my experience of teaching and healing, I am starting to be aware that even when one wants to restore his/her health, he/she has to be ready for it. Meaning one has to set one’s priorities straight and be willing to do whatever it takes.


Jenny Lamb

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