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John Zen

100 Billion Lamps

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There are approximately 100 billion neurons inside the skull of every human being. That means that there are 100 billion light bulbs, most of which are firing in every instant of every day. 100 billion lamps that turn on every single time we think a thought; every time we sing a song to our self, and every time we recall a memory; when a fragrance reminds us of an associated feeling, and every second of every hour of every day we spend day-dreaming, visualizing what does not exist.


Sometimes these lamps, upon their lighting, make us feel emotions. Our endocrine system creates hormones, our circulatory system pumps them, our respiratory system works harder to facilitate this function, and it all originates from one thought, one association, or one lamp lighting which activates the chain reaction of a billion more.


There are approximately 100 billion lamps inside the skull of every human being, and each and every one is connected to every cell in our body, and also to every external object that comes into our lives through the 5 senses and common experience.




Now, you would be truly amazed to see what happens when you learn how to quiet your mind, and through this elevated consciousness, come to understand the benefits of turning off those un-necessary lamps. You would be amazed because you cannot really contemplate just how much energy is required to light 100 billion lamps, nor can you understand how the body, mind, and spirit begins to naturally and automatically use this extra energy for higher purposes.

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