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Sticking to the Inevitable

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Formal meditation is like learning to fly. Eventually you see the world is the sky.❤


When you begin to stop following your ideas

And no longer accept traces of mundanity

You continue adapting to conditions

While awaiting the cues of potential.


By sticking to the inevitability of the timing

While not interrupting characteristics of phenomena

You begin to discover the strange affinities

In concert with their hidden periods.


Even before seeing essence

The accomplishment is a model for the work:

Suddenly one enters innocence

Innocence more that life itself.


Then you smile from inside out~ only now you know there is no one to know.


The work after the accomplishment is realizing

Enlightenment is no one who is, nor who is not thus

So Complete Reality is where people openly accord

Where people pull the arm back to become buddhas

And buddhas take the forward step to become people.


Now at such a time, the alchemical furnace and cauldron

Are set up again in order to initiate advance operation:

In surpassing this you eliminate inner vision entirely.

In sublimating oneself physically and spiritually

One knocks over the polar mountain

And shatters cosmic space

Becoming the same as reality.


Suddenly, as the gradual arrives complete

Reality is always naturally on the brink.

Magnanimously changing along with conditions

One awaits the inevitable:

Holding fast or letting go

Who can stop you?





ed note: add coma in 6th paragraph

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I poof this~仙

i laughed... pretty hard... oh my...



APPARENTLY.... YOU can stop me dead in my tracks with something like "I poof this" :D HAW!



What IS there to do BUT await the inevitable? I think this is why we invented cards :D


But im sure tehre are better ways to pass the time while awaiting the inevitability of the passage of time :D

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There is the inevitability of stopping and seeing in terms of each situation's cycle of yin and yang.


Awaiting the inevitable is not a matter of idly sitting by, but adapting to maintain psychological equipoise and withdrawing at the first sign of the killing yin energy.

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