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Taoist Philosophy - Chapter 119

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Let the country be small and people few.

Bring it about
That there are weapons for “tens” and “hundreds”,
Yet let no one use them except in defense.
Have the people regard death gravely
And put migrating far from their minds.
Though they might have boats and carriages,
No one will ride them;
Though they might have armor and spears,
No one will display them.
Have the people
Return to knotting cords and using them.
They will relish their food,
Regard their clothing as beautiful,
Delight in their customs,
And feel safe and secure in their homes.
Neighboring states might overlook one another,
And the sounds of chickens and dogs might be overheard,
Yet the people will arrive at old age and death
With no comings and goings between them.
Then there would indeed be perfect peace.

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