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Mastering the Chi flow

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This is pretty deep alchemical phenomeanon I am experiencing--


Whats happening is, as I master the chi flow more, I am finding that childrens nursery rhymes are spontaneously popping into the awareness (perhaps spurred by yuan chi) field!


Just now I went into Wu Ji posture, and suddendly found myself internaly singing "Londed bridges falling down, falling down, faling down, london bridges falling down, my, fair, lady"


The other day it happened with this song " down came the spider and washed the water out, out came the rain and yada yada"


and its revently happend with these oens too:


"ring around the rosey pocket full of posey ashes ashes we all fall down"


"humpty dumpty had a great fall, humpy dumpty...all the kinds horses and all the kings men"


"jack and jill went up the hill..."


"puff themagic dragon lived by the sea..."


:D Has anyone experienced this funnyness like me?

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