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Greetings from Norway

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My name is Eivind and this is my first post on the forum. I live in Oslo, Norway and Im currently at the end of first year in acupuncture college(bachelor degree).


It was through this first year in TCM studies that I was introduced to the ideas of Taoism and Qigong, very very interesting stuff that I want to learn more about. I have finally managed to start a daily routine of meditation and Zhan Zhuang standing meditation, been doing it for a couple of weeks and think Im doing good progress. The last few days the mind has gone more and more silent and Im feeling some warm activity in my low Tan Tian. In the long term Id like to start doing Taiji Chuan, but for now Im keeping it simple and looking for a good Qigong form/class for basic Qi gathering and circulation.


Recommendations for a good Qigong form for a Qi deficient beginner would be highly appreciated!


When I dont cram acupoints I like to play guitar, drink tea, do gardening (especially permaculture/Fukuoka related), hike, hunt and fish.


Looking forward to reading and interacting here on Tao bums, seems like a place with lots of knowledge and good spirit!

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