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Meditation, self-motivation technique.

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Alot of people meditate and find that it effects the health of their brain positively. Gaining happiness and motivation, seeing more value all around. This video I found kinda reminding me of that, then he goes mentioning how it is that meditation does it, roughly.

It is like an positive feedback loop of the frontal lobe with the neurons that produce dopamine without thought. Can any meditator relate to that in any way?

So using your frontal lobes to create thoughts that activate your dopamine production. But then without thinking :lol:


The frontal lobe is essential for motivation, and seeking purpose. Without it, someone might be intelligent, but have no specific purpose or would not understand how to seek a purpose or what value. That is roughly what it is, but may be wrong. Some say "if thinking is the process of using information to make decisions, then the frontal lobe is essential for thinking." So frontal lobe would be essential for using information to make decisions. It brings our senses together and creates intention, which is what seperates us most from animals.

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