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Enter the Void

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Stimulated by the recent thread on movies, I just watched Enter the Void by Gaspard Noe.

His first two films were absolutely horrific. I think his intention was to look closely at how we are desensitized to criminal acts and force us to experience (as much as you can in a movie theater) some of the pain and degradation associated with the experience.

That said - I can't recommend his first two films in good conscience.


His latest work, Enter the Void, is brilliant - though certainly not for everyone. It's loosely inspired by the TIbetan Book of the Dead and his own experimentation with hallucinogens and owes a lot to Kubrick's 2001, Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream, and yet is completely original. It's very long and filled with audio and visual effects that try to simulate a DMT experience. Some pretty strong subject matter, explicit sex, and violence.

Quite an intense 2 hour and 41 minute experience.

@ Seth Ananda - I think you might find this redeems Noe to some degree.

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