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Hello old friends! (Even though none of you know me)

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Hello all! My name is Matt, and I live in Atlanta, GA. I am in my mid-20's and have a yearning for a fuller, more pure spiritual life. I will give a little background on my spiritual upbringing and a little bit on me generally. I was raised in the southern baptist church, and for many years very active in youth programs and praise bands. I was what some would call a Bible thumper. Then things started to change, just as they usually do when a 17 year old starts to rebel lol. I got away from the church, and lost a lot of my church friends because they did not think I was living a godly life. I was doing nothing horribly wrong, but again I was dealing with a bunch of fanatical Christians. Anyway, to make a long story short, when I was 19 when I moved out of my parents home and nearby to a college town. It was there that I suddenly came upon Daoism, Buddhism and a whole world of Eastern thought. It was as if the veil of spring was suddenly lifted from a dark winter. I studied and researched constantly. I could not get enough. However, it was only knowledge that I gained, because like I am sure many of you know, knowledge without practice is dead space in your head. It was during this time that I discovered TheTaoBums and got familiar with many of you and your beliefs and at times teachings:-p. I, then suddenly, for no reason, started running from spirituality and just lived for my self. Well recently I have had a deep yearning, as if the Universe itself was calling me back. I want what many of you seem to have. I want to train and practice and learn. I want to cultivate compassion in my life for myself and others. Anyway guys, I know this greeting was a bit lengthy, but hey at least you know a little of my life and experience. Please don't be shy... feel free to PM me or post back with any comments, advice, your experiences, etc. Love and Light to you all. Namaste, Matt

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