24 solar terms

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I just found this information about the 24 solar terms:


'A solar term is any of 24 points in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars that matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon. In Taoism health cultivation system, it is very important to follow the seasonal changes to adjust your practice. We would like to share with you the solar term practice


Practicing in the 24 points of solar term on a year, you will find the myth of the universe. Practice with the intersection of heaven and earth magnetic field and energy, in the "secret points" of the day / the month /the year, you will gain multiplier of the miraculous. Solar term occurs twice a month, you can choose the time to practice, but if the meditation practices are done before and after half hour around the points of solar terms, practicing at least half hour each time, it would have greatly improved you physically and mentally.'



Whoever wrote this there English wasn't great, but i think you get the idea, that practicing at these times will yield greater results due to subtle universal forces at work. Personally I'm gonna give it a shot this Sunday, see what comes out of it. If it's good enough for the daoist....


Here are the 24 solar terms:


We've got the vernal equinox coming up in a couple of days, this chart gives you the exact time of the event. I think it's best to practice around this time, to magnify those benefits. The times are in GMT, so be sure to convert them to wherever you are.

If anyone knows the times of the other 20 solar terms please drop em in below.


I hope this speeds all of your practice along to your intended goal! :)



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I shamefully fell asleep yesterday 3 hours before the vernal equinox :blush: , so i missed my chance to try out this practice. I did feel the energy very strongly meditating before i fell asleep though.


Okay, so using some long winded calculations i have managed to figure out the times of the other solar terms. These are the times of the next sessions coming up:

April 5th - 10:20 [clear and bright/qingming]

April 20th - 21:19 [grain rain/guyu]

May 6th - 08:18 [start of summer/lixia]

May 21st - 19:18 [grain full/xiaoman]

June 6th - 06:17 [grain in ear/mangzhong]

June 21st - 17:16 [summer solstice/xiazhi]

These times are in [GMT/UK] so please adjust for wherever you are.



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So it turns out my calculations for the solar terms were a bit basic and inaccurate. I emailed a chinese friend of mine to check my times, and she sent me the correct ones so here they are. Your next sessions are:

April 5th - 04:11:59

April 20th - 11:17:27

may 6th - 21:23:14

may 21st - 10:21:11

june 6th - 01:27:21

june 21st - 18:16:30


These times come complete with seconds too. All times are GMT/UK time please adjust for wherever you are.



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