Must See Video: The American Dream

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Congrats, Red Shield = Rothschild. But the original family name was "Bauer." They are supposedly 1 of the 13 dynastic banking families of the llluminati.

"I care not what puppet is placed on

the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...

The man that controls Britain's money

supply controls the British Empire.

And I control the money supply." - Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

And although the public is led to believe otherwise, the largest non-governmental single holder we are indebted to is not China - but the FRB:


The Japanese were 2nd...but I guess that's being taken care of now.. :blink:

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Yes, interesting, except who are 'they'? And please don't tell me "the Rothschilds". :glare:


I assume you are asking me, since I'm the only one who put "they" in my post :P


By "they" I mean those in charge of the education of the future generations of America. Teachers, parents, mentors, etc should all push for more material taught in an engaging, relevant way.


American history, politics, and economics tend to be taught very dryly in most places (at least, that's been my experiences out of public school). On top of that, they can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. So what you get is massive amounts of disjointed facts, blips of factual statements which stand on their own, and not considered within a broader context, and not used to build anything out of. The dots are not connected. 1778 this happened, 1845 this happened, 1901 this happened. Memorize, right on a quiz, you are done.


Disconnected from the context of the times, and disconnected from the present. So what you get is a bunch of facts with absolutely no relevancy or lessons learned. And people wonder why history repeats itself? Because most of the people who "learn history" are not "learning", they are "memorizing" history. They aren't critically examining it and drawing parallels to the present. "Oh we're so much smarter now, we'd never fall into the same traps". Riiiiiiiight.


I thought this video did a good job of presenting a lot of information in a simple, fun way. Past problems are made relevant to today's situation. Factual dots are connected, and in layman's terms.

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Anyone notice the dead towlie in the trunk of the Delorean? I also lol'd at the Jay Fox Part.


Pretty good short film, it explained just enough, not a 2 hour movie.


I think it's short enough for the attention span of the masses haha.

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