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Trinh Nguyen

Greetings everyone!

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Hello everyone, I found you at last!!!


I found you all gathering here, now, in this forum, I feel me again, the happiness inside...

Ancient knowledge like Tao should have been taught in schools, books about Tao should be everywhere in bookstores , why have they been taken all away from us so that we feel so apart from each other?


By the way, I'd like to introduce myself a bit, even I hate to do it and I never did it quite properly.

Secondly, English is not my first language, so please bear with me ^^.


I live in South Korea , born Vietnamese from a country that have so much influence from Chinese culture, including Tao .

. In Vietnam, even though books about Tao are not easily found in book stores or libraries, you can track them off in second - hand book shops.


I started to read about Tao and I-cheng since I was in high school. At the time,

I had no real friends to really start a conversation with; until now, neither I have one. It seems that I am not destined to have one...


I went to study in Australia, there in the libraries, books about Tao or something similar are impossible to be found. Many years went on and I found myself lost somewhere, with all the busy things in life.


One day I woke up , I decided to give up everything to be me again... so here I am to you.


Loves to you all,


Trinh Nguyen

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