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water and fire in acupuncture chinese system...

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hi there,


i started going to a local decent acupuncturist recently as i have a long term "block" around the knee / lower back (it moves between the two, goes, and returns etc).


after the treatment she said "my Water is out of equilibrium, and i have too much Fire at the moment."


I come mainly from a hermetic background, so am asking advice on what i can do to help myself with these words.



note: i am scorpio (water) and my partner is aries (fire, and she can trash my energy like nothing else).


thanks good souls :-)



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In TCM Kidney chi deficiency manifests as pain or weakness of the lower back and knees. The kidneys are represented as water in the chinese five element scheme.


Sounds to me like kidney chi deficiency. What ya think taobums?


As for what you can do about it, i would suggest qigong to be your best bet. Really good for balancing the energys of the internal organs. There's many different types out there, choose wisely ;)

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This is something worth paying attention to as well. The relationship between sexual life and kidney essence/chi. This following bit is taken from Maciocia Foundation of Chinese Medicine:


'The sexual essences of both men and women are outwards manifestation of the kidney essence. For this reason, the loss of these sexual essences leads to a temporary loss of kidney essence. Under normal circumstances, however, this loss is quickly made up, and normal sexual activity does not lead to disease. It is only when it is excessive that the loss of essence caused by sex is such that the body does not have time to recuperate and restore the essence.

Quite simply, excessive sexual activity results in marked fatigue, dizziness, blured vision, a lower backache, weak knees, and frequent urination afterwards.'


Here's a couple of tables, based on you age and health for the frequency of ejaculation:


Age In good health Average health

15 2x/day once/day

20 2x/day once/day

30 once/day every other day

40 every 3 days every 4 days

50 every 5 days every 10 days

Sorry the table went crazy as soon as i posted it. So for age 15 2x/day in good health, average health once/day, and so on


Another broad rule regarding frequency of sexual activity [somewhat less generous than the one above] is to divide your age by 5 to work out the interval in days between


Age Interval in days

15 once every 3 days

20 once every 4 days

30 once every 6 days

and so on...........

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