How do you contact and use Universal Life energy?

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Here is a good method for making contact with Universal Life Energy-


Most people don't really understand what Life is and how to cultivate it. This is because they have lost touch with nature and their own original nature.


Animals on the other hand are in touch with nature. Animals are already in tune with nature in their proper way. Their consciousness is quite different than ours I think, and so is their sense of time. They posses fierceness and strength to achieve physical feats that humans usually just can't ever achieve. This is primarily due to their use of universal life energy from the universe. They know what to do and when, and they are aware of many things. They naturally open and close their acupuncture points in the way they move and the positions they sleep in for example. A frog needs to breath through it's skin while a dog should breathe rapidly. They naturally have their own breathing methods.


Animals take in a lot of energy. One way is through their fur, each hair is like a radio or antenna, which takes in energy from outside their body into their body. Birds absorb energy through their feathers. Migratory birds absolutely need to take energy from the universe. Even the layers of fat they put on through eating would not be enough to sustain their long flights without the contact with universal life energy. They also connect acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points in their movements and postures, like the postures they sit in or lay in. They open and close their acupoints, expanding and contracting their acupoints with each movement they make.


Some humans naturally take in universal energy unconsciously better than others. Anyone who has a strong personality, has become successful and powerful, and is attractive to people unconsciously uses this energy. Others have consciously made contact with it through living in harmony with nature and deep meditation. For example, the Hindus and the ancient Jews would baptize themselves in rivers and water. Sometimes, especially nowadays, that water can be very polluted and contaminated with deadly germs. However, due to the strong meditative concentrated thoughts and the use of Universal Life energy by those people, the Life energy is the stronger force, it overpowers the deadly germs.


Here is an article explaining how a double blind study recently discovered that the Chinese martial art of Taijiquan/Tai Chi Chuan, which incorporates Univeral Life Enrgy or what they call Qi in every movement, is the first known exercies to ever be proven to fight against the virus that causes shingles or perhaps even any virus at all. 2 groups were tested. One group that practiced Taiji, and the other group did regular exercies and ate a healthy diet. Only the Taiji group was able to improve immunity to viruses however.

Search - Global Edition - The New York Times

Tai chi fights shingles | Julie's Health Club - Where alternative and mainstream health meet

Its the first rigorous clinical trial to suggest that a behavioral intervention, alone or in combination with a vaccine, can help protect older adults from varicella-zoster virus, which causes both chickenpox and shingles


Actually it's long been known in China that Tai Chi can cure many diseases including high blood pressure, arthritis, ulcers, tuberculosis and heart disease


But it's not just the effects of viruses that can be weakened through Universal Life Energy. Many scientific studies and experiments have proven that an advanced level healer who can emit Universal Energy from their hands can decrease or increase the amount of bacteria in a petri dish depending on the intention of the healer. It has also been found that cancer cells can be decreased and destroyed when a Healer trained in using Universal Life energy emits energy at cancer cells in a lab.


Oxford journals-

Growth Inhibition of Cultured Human Liver Carcinoma Cells by Ki-energy (Life-energy): Scientific Evidence for Ki-effects on Cancer Cells -- Ohnishi et al. 2 (3): 387 -- Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Growth Inhibition of Cultured Human Liver Carcinoma Cells by Ki-energy (Life-energy): Scientific Evidence for Ki-effects on Cancer Cells


Scientific evidence of the reality of external qi

Sidorov 06

Accelerating or Decelerating the Growth of Biological Subjects


This is one of the most commonly documented effects of conscious intent on living organisms in both the Eastern and Western literature. The studies reported under this category include the acceleration of seed germination and plant growth rate [79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89]; a directional increase/decrease in the growth rate of in-vitro cancer cell cultures like human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line (CNE-2), human breast cancer cell lines, lung cancer cells (SPC-A1), liver cancer cell line (BEL-7402), erythroleukemia (K562), promyelocytic leukemia, CNE-2, SGC-7901 gastric adenocarcinoma, spleen cells of mice and lung tumor cell line (LA-795), etc. [90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 1]; bi-directional effects on the growth of bacterial cultures such as E-coli [95,96] and Salmonella typhimurium [97]; and inhibition of in-vivo tumor growth in mice [94, 98, 99].


The typical in-vitro study involved randomly dividing laboratory-prepared cancer cells or other cultures into groups with at least one group being treated with intention or external bio-energy (like external qi), plus one or two control groups. Sometimes, one group was treated by a sham healer (person without training in bioenergy healing).


In vivo-models most commonly used mice inoculated with cancerous cells, which were then randomly divided into various groups with one group being treated by external qi or other spiritual healing method for a set period of time. The control group could be either non-treatment or sham treatment. Then tumor size and the survival time were measured as the outcomes.


Qigong and Healing

Physical signal detectors. (a) Infrared radiation was detected 50 cm. from the hand of a Qigong healer. (B) When a Qigong healer emitted Qi to a patient, an AGA thermogram could display the entire procedure of Qi emission by reading the thermal flow moving from his arm to his palm and finally to his finger tips. Then the surface temperature of the patient's afflicted area, although one meter away from the healer, was raised by 3 degrees C. © Using a microwave radiation meter in 50 trials of emissions from a Qigong healer, formal records of radiation curves were recorded in 28 trials whereas the control group reported no change. (d) There was significant difference between the typical curves of magnetic signals during Qi emission by Qigong practitioners than during simulated Qi emission by non-practitioners. (e) Significantly higher infrasonic (


From a site called PubMed, National Library of medicine

Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, Showa University, Tokyo, Japan.


It is generally accepted that more than 10(-6) gauss order magnetism was not detected in normal human condition. However, we detected 10(-3) gauss (mGauss) order bio-magnetic field strength from the palm in special persons who emitted External Qi ("Chi" or "Ki"). This detection was possible by special arranged magnetic field detection system, consisted of a pair of 2 identical coils with 80,000 turns and a high sensitivity amplifier. Each of the coils were rolled 80,000 turns accurately, and were connected in series in opposite direction, actuating as a gradiometer. We measure bio-magnetic field strength in 37 subjects with this detection system. The only 3 subjects of them exhibited strong bio-magnetic field of 2 to 4 mGauss in frequency range of 4 to 10 Hz. This magnetic field strength was greater than that of normal human bio-magnetism by 1,000 times at least. A simultaneous measurement of bio-magnetic field strength and its corresponding bio-electric current was examined in one subject. During exhibiting such strong bio-magnetism, its corresponding electric current was not detectable. Therefore, the extra-ordinary large bio-magnetic field strength can not derive from internal body current alone, hence the origin of the large bio-magnetism is still unknown. We suppose that the extraordinary large bio-magnetic field strength might be originated from "Qi" energy in the oriental medicine or in the oriental traditional philosophy


Article from Spectrum Diabetes

Energy Therapies and Diabetes Mellitus -- Guthrie and Gamble 14 (3): 149 -- Diabetes Spectrum

Electromagnetic frequency measurements recorded at each chakra vary in oscillations from 100 to 1,600 cycles per second (each chakra functions within a certain frequency range) in a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy person.10 In an extremely ill person, there may be little oscillation detected at one or more of the chakra sites. The third chakra should hold the most interest for people with diabetes because it includes the area in which the pancreas is found.


However, it is not just an intellectual concept, it's something that has to be felt and experienced


I think this page describes the first, and to some people the most important benefits of qi practice, really well.

Wu-Tong Temple Mind Boxing Arts - Martial Arts, Self-Healing, Yoga, Kung Fu, Monk Exercises

If you feel the "Runners' High" all day long? You don't need this art. If you feel the highest energy you have ever felt called the "Spirit of Vitality" all day long? Read no further. In other words, if you feel the vital energy after just minutes of training like we do all day long? You don't need this art.

If you can honestly say you are able to double or improve your productivity, never get a flu or cold, solve illness such as asthma, heart disorders, high blood pressure, insomnia and palpitations, fatigue, depression and varied injuries? Forget this art. Just read the discussion board for the testimonials to see how it has helped others.

With regard to our "Great Achievement Boxing" skills, if you can handle 3-4 multiple attackers and grapplers at once like you see on these videos? Forget this art. If you can end any fighting confrontation within seconds, you don't need this art. Continue on with what you have. "

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