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Hello Everyone. My name is Ben and I'm just getting started here. I'm excited to join the community. I practice Yang style taichi daily and also have put a lot of time into standing meditation. I dabble in sitting from time to time, but I'm partial to my taichi practice for now. I've been sitting a bit each morning, sticking to abdominal breathing.


I found that when I was younger I was maybe a bit too eager, throwing myself into moving energy throughout the body without ever building up a sensitivity to subtlety. My standing and taichi practice has helped with this, but as I progress, it's as if I realize more and more the depth and potential of the practice. The more I "know", the more I open into a realization of the depth of the unknown. I'm here to learn and to give anything that I might be able to offer to help you all on your paths. Thank you very much for reading this. I look forward to sharing with you all!



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