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The Healer Within By Roger Jahnke

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Am I the only one here who read this? The points it gives about reflexology and self massage are worth the price of it alone...the only like 5 qigong moves it shows are very well thought out so that if this was one's only practice theyd have a very nice chi flow. It can be done by the young or old. Meditation, he equates with relaxation, and uses the words interchangably.


Jahnke has set up clinics in China and American, he really is a master, an OMD or doc of oriental meds.


I think he could have made the breathing practices slightly more taoist, but he purposely cut out most of the taoist influence and terminology in order to appeal to a wider audiance, balance. Therefore Neimad, I think youd enjoy this one!


He did a great job, realizing that with any art (esp. self health maintence/super wellness) there is infinite room for improvement. This is really an "integral" work for those of you who are fans of Ken Wilber and such, he talks about how independance breeds more interdependance, much food for thought!


When he was accepted to work on accupuncture at a clinic with an Osteopath, the only way the head of the clinic would accept him is if he MASSAGED ALL THE PATIENTS FEET first thing when theyd come in! What a lesson to a budding accupuncurist! Imagine if all of them did this? The book covers abdominal massage briefly but well, an imporant part of qigong practice in my reckoning!


As it helped to bring very powerful healing, he observed, as he taught them, also, to massage their own hands and EARS (resmebeling reflexology style).


Turns out that massaging the ears changes the brain chemisty due to their strong linkage with the chi flow in the briain (and subsequiently, the rest of the body.)


Two thumbs up for Jahnke! Now that I more deeply and diligantly massage my hands, feet and ears and incorperate some of his breathing techniques, movements, self massage and even meditation hints (this guy has studied it all, a real shaman) I feel my blood and chi flow is much stronger! Jahnke does a stellar job at connecting qigong to modern science, commenting a lot about lymph (clears out toxins) and other biological processes.


Everyone needs peice of mind, and Jahnke's vision incorperates that physical and mental paradigm of the holistic "revolution" that people desire, most essentialy in these modern times.


In my observation, the age of industry has lead to the age of information and now we are headed for a golden age. This is really not debateable. With access to more information people can educate and maintan/self heal themselves with ease. He points out multiple times that 70% of disease is curable according to the Amaerican National Inst. of Health statistics!

Think about the trillion dollars spent on health care and drugs per year? Perhaps all that can be re-routed into the holistic market as more people awaken...but the medicine within is really just free (for the most part, we do need training...books and tapes work but take longer.)


Interestingly, Jahnke neglects to mention nutrition/diet/food in his work. Another point Id like to make is that he was rather repetative, the book was geared towards the widest audance as opposed to experienced qigongers, although those in the former group definetly could learn a bunch from this text.


I think because he was trying to appeal to the widest audiance, nonetheless, props to Jahnke!


I beleive he has written what will be considered a "classic" here.

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