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Hey all just makin my intro post. I figure i'll give a quick summary of my spiritual path and where i'm at now. Basically I considered myself christian through the age of 17 but didn't take my religion very seriously. Then one day I decided to get serious about it and read the bible. I started reading the bible hours every day. This led to me becoming a messianic jew. Continuing my rigorous study, I ended up nearly converting to orthodox judaism. Then I realized that I couldn't know if that was true, so I became agnostic. Then I became a hardcore atheist. Then I started getting into spirituality, reading and contemplating as much as ever. Finally I had my "awakening" which led to me gaining an unbelievable amount of knowledge. Shortly after this I began studying buddhism a lot and ended up calling myself a buddhist for a while. Then I started doing some reading on taoism and there were some things about it that made more sense to me than buddhism, though I still agree with a lot of the ideas within buddhism. So right now i'm basically doing my own thing, with my ideas being a combination of taoism, buddhism, and new age spirituality. So yea, that's me :)

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