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What do you think of this jing sublimation technique

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I do think bramacharya or 100 days gong with strictly no sexual thoughts/stimulations can lead to sublimation via the natural and automatic circulation of the MCO. This sublimation will depend of the quality of MCO opening.

But I think this process is slow, and everybody here will agree that the natural MCO energy flow is slow.


I was doing sexual energy circulation with this technique:

-Deep abdominal inhalation with-sexual stimuation +mulhabanda + vertebral extension (lordosis of lumbars/thoracics/cervical). But I dont play with the edge of orgasm because I only ejaculate 1-2times per month.

-Exhalation +no stimulation+ no more mulhabanda + vertebral flexion.


This lead to energy sensations on the whole body, with ear buzzing and every other energy sensation you know, including kunlun like shakings.

The vertebral flexion/extension seems to be as important as mulhabanda.

This technique is said to lead to whole body orgasm.


Then I raised all this energy back to the dan tien, using Robert bruce "energy raising" technique. I dont keep my chi dispersed on the whole body because the chi would be lost or stagnate in the head which leads to headaches etc.

Now I dont feel sexual anymore, like I ejaculated; but I didnt.

And I didnt get the "blue balls" at all, which is an aroused sexual energy stagnation symptom, and my Dan tien feel heavy.

I dont use porn since I think it is a direct Shen to Jing transformation because you use your spirit to make sexual arousal.



-Do you believe I can achieve jing sublimation by this way.

-Do you have any advices on how to enhance this technique.

-Dont you think the kunlun like sensation and shakings, and the fact that 100days gong is recommended for kunlun, means kunlun is sexual energy circulation and not some unknow energy coming from the sky?


Thank you, and sorry for my english.

Please only practical answers, no philosophy.

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