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"In Galicia on My Trip Around the World"

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The local press is furious over the author's descriptions of this part of Spain as being "somewhat poor and underdeveloped"; lifestyles might be more modestly scaled than in other parts of Europe (e.g. Monaco or Marbella!), and few people have US-style tract mansions, but given that life here is really affordable, there's little real poverty, the beaches are gorgeous, the seafood (and seaweed) delicious, the wine is fine, and there are fascinating historical sites galore, ranging from paleolithic petroglyphs to Celtic forts to Roman bridges to medieval cathedrals, I have to say I'm sold . . . I was a quick sell really, but with each year I appreciate it more and more.


OK, enough travel plugs, and back to this boooring editing job! Ah, how less-than-masterful are my powers of concentration today . . . I wanna get on the road and head for the coast too!

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