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Flying Phoenix, Chi Kung for Health Qs

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I started the FP standing meditations a few weeks ago. I don't feel soreness at the end now, so I've been thinking about doing more than the 5 minute "absolute minimum". The thought of having to go without the video (except for the warmup) has been holding me back I guess.


Increasing the time for the static meditations is simple, but what about the other two practices? Should we go even slower? Is it actually the case that we can go much much slower than in the video? Do we actually increase the repetitions for Bending the Bows, and even for Wind Above the Clouds?


I just started the seated meditations today. Would it lead to imbalance if I did more standing and only followed the video for the seated ones (need the sitting video as I'm still learning them).


Oh I just remembered an important question. Are the sitting meditations just done right after doing the standing meditations?


Is it good/necessary to do closing after FP practice? From another thread, I'm using this video: mZOqPwSl2EE&feature


What do we do in "Standing Still and Looking Backward"? Do we move the eyes maximum left and right several times trying to look back, or try to visualize we are standing 180 opposite, or just try to visualize what's behind us?

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Oh, I just found an answer to whether the seated meditations are just done after the standing ones while searching (I tried searching before, didn't just go ahead and read the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung thread as it is too long). It seems that it doesn't matter. Still I'd like to know if it is ideal to do them right after. Concerning this and otherwise, is it the case that the standing meditations are more for building chi and the seated ones are more for circulating it? This is important to me as I think I would be doing the seated ones more because of semen retention (I just heard that (maybe) standing meditations in general are for increasing chi).


Hi Sifu Dunn,


I just ordered your flying phoenix chi kung dvds 1 & 2 thanks to all the information I had read on this forum. I am excited to try them out. When I receive the dvds, can I start out with the sitting meditation dvd first? I am nursing a few injuries that makes it difficult for me to stand and put too much weight on one leg. Do the standing meditations have to be done first before the sitting meditations?




Hello mkim680,


You're welcome. I'm glad you delving into this sublime and powerful system.


Answer: Yes you can do the seated meditations first or even exclusively, although for best results, both standing and seated exercises should be done.


Tip: in Volume One, The Basic Standing Exercises, "Monk Holding Pearl" (hands at the tan tien) with breath control sequence 50 40 30 20 10 can be done in any position: standing, seated, supine (lying one one's back). When I was working at Cedars Sinai Medical Center for the head of the dept. of cardio thoracic surgery, I taught his acute-care post-operative patients "Monk Holding Pearl" lying done and the basic seated med's of Vol. 2 because none of the recovering patients could get on their feet after having their chests re-plumbed.


So to answer again: Yes, you can do the seated first. With regular practice of the seated med's (in sets of 7) you will eventually feel pronounced energy effects in the upper body, head/neck region--of the likes you've never experience before. Feel free to check back with me with more questions as they arise.


Enjoy your practice!


Sifu Dunn




Also, it seems that it isn't a great idea to do one of the practices later in the evening as it may cause a little insomnia:


Sifu Terry -


Your stories and explanations are fantastic and also quite informative. There is a wow factor to some of your stories...very good reading.


As one who has practiced Flying Phoenix qigong for only about 2 months now, I can attest to the power of the system. When I finish the sets, I feel amazingly refreshed and revitalized with a really strong energy. At least for now, I avoid practicing FP later at night, because the energy created keeps me awake for several hours! It's pretty encouraging to hear what one can expect with a diligent practice of the basic Flying Phoenix sets.


Thanks so much for taking the time to post on this forum. Really excellent stuff!





I think I'll try to start reading this thread. Maybe once I read the whole thread I should post again there and this one should be deleted as it doesn't have a descriptive title (diferent from the main thread).

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