15 Minute Acupressure Massage DVD

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Just wanted to let people know New DVD released and on sale now

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I know some people here are into acupressure.





The human body is composed of numerous energy channels or pathways. When the points along these channels are stimulated with the hands it is called Acupressure. The theories that govern this holistic method are very ancient and form the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


This DVD teaches an easy to learn Acupressure Massage that takes only 15 minutes to preform. This massage is both enjoyable to receive as well as give and can be preformed with the person fully clothed.


This DVD contains:


* Introduction to Acupressure Massage

* Cautions and Contraindications for Acupressure Massage

* The 15 Minute Acupressure Massage

o Part 1: The Eyes

o Part 2: The Head

o Part 3: Neck and Shoulders

o Part 4: The Back

o Part 5: The Legs

o Part 6: The Feet

* Overview of the Complete 15 Minute Acupressure Massage



This massage stimulates Acupressure Points that are important for maintaining the health of the entire body and receiving this massage can help prevent the harmful effects of stress and tension.


This massage is great for couples or married people. You will be able to enjoy this massage more frequently because it is not very time consuming. As you practice this massage your skill level will increase, making the massage more effective while bringing greater enjoyment to your partner.


NTSC Format

Region Free

Approximate Running Time 41 Minutes




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