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"In my Tree"

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I've been thinking a lot about how

we interact with others. How, many times

we are just reacting without giving much

thought to what it is we are doing or even

why we are motivated to make many situations

worse just by our own action/reaction.


Most times so unnecessarily.


My biggest challenge is to reel in that

blasted "monkeymind, and give more

thought to how I am affecting everyone

around me.


Which brings me to this poem I put together today.

Please enjoy or dislike at your leisure.



"In My Tree"




Don't think,

Just react,

The Monkeymind,

In control.


Emotional turmoil,

For actions unwarranted,

Bad feelings,

My composure undone.


Who controls this body?

Who controls this mind?

Who is reacting to Now?


I look inside,

And find,

No one there.


Just this shell,

A complicated machine,

With a ghost inside.


A passenger,

On a strange ride,

One that never ends.


The pauses between,

My only retreat.


Silence suckles me,

Absently to her bosom,

Seclusion so short.


The silence,


A cacophony.


Laughing loudly,

Goading me back,

I hear the Monkey,

He's in My Tree.

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