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A Dweller on Two Planets

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The following is an excerpt from "A Dweller on Two Planets, or Dividing of the way" - from 1884 (Chapter IV)

By Phylos The Tibetan






"In their consideration of natural laws the philosophers of Poseid had come to the conclusive hypothesis

and working theory that the material universe was not a complex entity, but in its primality extremely simple. The glorious truth, 'Incal Malixetho,' was clear to them, that is, that 'Incal(God) is immanent in Nature.' To this they appended,-'Axte Incal, Axtuce mun,'-'To know God is to know all worlds whatever.' AFter centuries of experimentations, recording of phenomena, deductions, analysing and sytnthesizing, these students had arrived at the final proposition that the universe - not here dwelling on their wondrous astronomical knowledge - was, with all its varied phenomena, created and continously kept in operation by two primal force-principles. Briefly stated, these basic facts were that matter and dynamic energy (which were Incal made externally manifast) could readily account for all things else. This conception held that only one Substance existed, and but One Energy, the one being Incal externalized, and the other His Life in action in His Body. This One Substance assumed many forms under the action of variant degrees of dynamic force. Because it was the basic principle of all natural, and all psychic, but not of spiritual phenomena, allow here a postulate with which not a few of my friends will find themselves at least partially familiar, perhaps wholly so. Commencing with dynamic energy as first sensibly manifest in the example furnished by simple vibrations, the Poseid position may be outlined as follows:


A very low rate of vibration may be felt; an increase of rate heard. For example, first we feel the pulsing of a harp-string, and then if the rate of vibration be increased we hear its sound. But substances of other sorts, able to endure greater vibratory impulses, manifest under more intense action - following sound, first heat, then light. Now again, light varies in color. The first color produced is red, and thence, by a constantly augmentation vibratile energy, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo, violet - each spectrumband being due to an exact and definite increase in the number of vibrations. Succeeding the violet, further augmentation gives pure white, more gives a gray, then more extenguishes light, replacing it with electricity, and so on through an ever increasing voltage until the realm of vital or psychic-force is attained. This may truly be regarded as going inward from those manifestations of nature, of Incal or God, or the Creator, which are external; as going toward the internal from externality. A brief study will show thee that the laws of the physical world continue inward to their spiritual source; that they are , truly, but prolongations the one of the other. But, ere entering into the realm of vibration, whose doorkeeper is sound, we find that the One Substance vibrates in viriant, but definite dynamic degree, and that thence arise each and all of the diverse forms of matter; in short, the difference between any given substances, as gold and silver, iron and lead, sugar and sand, is not one of matter, but of dynamic degree solely.


In this dynamic affection the degree is no loose limitation, for if the vibratile rate be a shade variant - lower or higher than in way special material which may be under notice - the variation will be different in appearance and in its chemical nature; thus to proper substantial entities definite if enormous vibration per second may be imparted and the resulting substance (for light is substantial) is , say, red light, but if one-eighth greater it will be orange, and if more or less, then the resultant must inevitably be a reddish orange, or a yellowish, respectively...


...So mightest thou go on to the discovery soon to the world of science, that light, all light, of the sun, or from any source, can be made to yield sound;upon this discovery hinge some of the most astounding inventions that thine age hath even dreamed of in its visions...


...Through the wisdom of Atlantis found it possible to adjust weight (positiveness) to lack of weight (negativeless) so evenly that "no-tug-a-war" was manifest. It meant aerial navigation without wings or unwieldly gas-resevoirs, through taking advantage of propulsion through levitation in overmatching strength to the attraction of gravitation...


ok... buy the book or check it out at the library, tired of typing! its worth the read. i'm not

at all affiliated with the book.

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