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The importance of SPORT

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Like many of you, I am interested in Taoism to make my life better, feel more conscious, more happier, more energized...

I always was a tired boy, with poor focus, no willpower, and bad mood: I want to CHANGE.


I practice a lot; exercices you already know (retention or at least no useless masturbation/spinal breathing/kunlun1/RedPheonix/energy raising by R.bruce prior to MO, abdominal breathing, pore breathing) and I do think thoses techniques I learned here, with you, are stronger than what I practiced before (golden dawn/franz bardon).


I can now raise enough energy to activate centers I couldnt even feel before. I did a few experiences like OBE, which I always wished.

And more importantly: I changed. I feel energized, Im not fustrated anymore, I want to party or travel everyday I have willpower and I feel love for everyone...


But I do think, the most important practice I did was daily SPORT, every morning, especially High Intensity Interval Training. I mean, not just walk and run slowly: exhausting sports for more than 20 min do the difference. (reach >80% VO2max)


Maybe it wont give you supernatural powers, mystical experiences. But it does give you what a lot of people here do want: ENERGY, and more than every exercices I have ever done.


PS: skipping rope with a foam mat is the must.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

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I too am awfully fond of HIIT.


... and I'm happy to see others who gain such enjoyment from it kicking around here... Thus far, and at my age, I see it as an indispensable counterbalance to alchemical work...



But I've been told, quite recently actually, that one should consider toning things down as you get older in order to limit the harmful impact upon the body.. (posts by Taomeow and Gerard)


... That said, I'm still at a point in my life where HIIT makes a tremendous amount of sense, is still deeply fulfilling and though I hesitate to say it, seems almost necessary.. I've no intention at present at giving up the intense and physically balancing activity that facilitates my tucan-sam adventuring...


But, I am elated to have further stepping stones along the path highlighted for my consideration... Toning down physical intensity in favor of energetic gymnastics as one ages does make a tremendous amount of sense... Especially when considered in light of the inevitable, deep refinement of the inner faculties that results from diligent and disciplined cultivation... Of course the mind will gain primacy with age, and to allow that change to happen in a smooth and natural manner seems both proper and right. We're not being asked to pull the plug on intense activity now, but rather to consider and prepare for the inevitable.





I enjoy this commentary with regards to the transition between reliance on the external and then to the internal .... And just look at how calmly he handles that youngin... Remarkable.









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for these girls that need to have it hiit often it's best to keep the tank half full rather than half empty. Nothing is enough.

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