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What was the practice? Maybe you hit a strange pocket of old baggage, like stored trauma. Internet diagnosis disclaimer in place, it sounds like you are processing something you stumbled into ... some people might relate it to something like kundalini symptoms, which is just another way of saying the same thing IMO. Have you done a lot of hallucinogens in the past? That's another decent possibility, I bump into old trips sometimes. And in general I tap into all kinds of strange reservoirs that effect my states for days. Like Trunk says, this is why mystics tend to be reclusive. We are willingly seeking out karma to alchemically transform and release it, instead of waiting for life to hand us trouble, we look for it first :D ... I'd bet we are not always the most emotionally stable bunch for this reason ... hence the added importance of good stabilizing, grounding practices. The last few weeks I've been a bit wacky myself and have been ramping up the standing chi kung to help.


Anyway, hugs man ... and I know you are man enough to cry if you need to. We're here for you. :)



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thanks sean.


everything has calmed down now...


i think i have "switched off" whatever got turned on.

likely it was a pocket of something, but it didn't feel like a releasing of something old.... rather that the balance allowed something like a layer to be taken off and expose more of the 'true' me.


dunno, can't explain it. felt like something inside me got "switched on" and suddenly there was more information coming to me than usual.


the practice was so simple, anyone here could try it.

advised a good time to do it is in bed before sleep, so thats when i did it.


based on the idea that we have two currents in our main channel (spine), one from heaven down to earth and the other from earth up to heaven.

the second idea it's based upon is that consciousness moves the energy.


so with this in mind, become aware of the two flows happening simultaneously in the channel, observe which one is stronger than the other.... and simply increase the flow of the weaker one so they are in balance.


for me the flow down from heaven is much stronger than the flow up, so i just ramped up the up flow to match it..... took a few minutes, then i fell asleep.




i never took much hallucinogens, i had a really weak magic mushy trip a couple of weeks ago, but thats it. i have smoked a lot of weed in the past though.


i dunno.... just this year seems to be becoming a very very big year for transformation. one of my teachers, isira, when i had some consultations with her about the depression i was going through (it was through seeing her that it completely dissapeared) told me she felt this year was going to be a huge one for me.... seems to be coming true.


i'm man enough to cry and will if i need to, i have no shame in my tears. when i cry, i never wipe a tear from my face on advice from some guy i once met.


i think my intuitive/telepathic skills are increasing too. i work on the phones at this job and sometimes i just seem to 'know' either what the person i am talking to looks like or smells like... it's kinda weird. i just got a call then from this guy and i could 'smell' him.... like i couldn't smell it with my nose, but i just 'knew' what he smelt like. weird.

i don't know whether it's my imagination or whether it's real, yet it seems to be happening more frequently.


and as to my emotional state, i said previously that i'm somewhere i've never been before. it's really really different and i honestly don't know whats going on as i'm really entering unexplored territory.



what fun!


(i'm still waiting on psychic superpowers though.....)


are there any members here on this board who have begun to develop their psychic potential? fine tune their intuition? telepathy? empathy skills?


p.s. i like you describing how we willing seek out karma to transform it. your statement holds better with my theories of karma as not being built up bad actions, but rather stored traumas on our soul. in that resepect it's just a matter of releasing that baggage and away goes the karma (simply the stuff we are holding between us and enlightenment, which is our natural state)..... rather than the buddhist perspective which i don't really mesh with so well, seems flawed or too simple.

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i tend to be able to sense sick energy in others in another way.... more like with my eyes, but as with this kind of sensory it's not actually my eyes that do it... i just register it this way. only sometimes do i have a smell experience haha.


hey this site on fractology is pretty interesting in observing the universe as fractal patterns.



your welcome about the karma thing too, i'm glad that my stray thoughts don't go unheeded :P

i just thought of a concise way to explain my current thoughts on karma:


-karma is the lessons we have given ourselves to learn to move on in our spiritual development.



it's all still ideas rather than true 'knowing' at this point... so i am always flexible to shifts as new things open up for me.

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Glad you are feeling better neimad.


That is an interesting exercise you mentioned. In AYP you probably know one of the central practices is spinal breathing, up and down the spine, to balance these two vertical, up and down energies and open the spinal channel. In Yogani's latest book he even touches on the different temperature of these currents which I thought was interesting:


Via Spinal Pranayama

There is a natural tendency in spinal breathing for ascending energy to be cool and descending energy to be warm. When we are able to perceive this and incorporate it into the tracing of the spinal nerve with our attention, it can help us in perceiving the spinal nerve and in more effectively purifying and opening our neurobiology thoughout the body.


Maybe something to look into. You can also spiral these energies; Trunk touches on this on his site here and occultists (who are evil and scary and doing something completely different than the pure Taoists and Yogis ;)) have similar practices, ie: the middle pillar ritual, circulation of the body of light, etc.


Re: Karma, yeah, karma isn't about good or bad to me either, IMO it's just a huge impersonal force of cause and effects of movement in the universe that is way bigger than human morality ... but our actions have an effect and trauma forms heavy samskaras and vasanas on our souls that we are then alchemically bound up with until we resolve. This view also makes it a little easier to have compassion on ie: persecutors, because you are essentially seeing someone traumatizing their own soul though they may not realize it in this life.




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interesting about the temperatures.


last night the balance was the opposite direction than before. i can definately notice a different quality to the upward and downward energies.


i like the idea of just increasing the flow of the lesser to balance it out.


last night when doing it i ramped up the down flow (i think) and when i got them equal.... all sensation stopped and there was this great space of neutrality.




but this morning i woke up feeling a bit wacky again, and grumpy.... i haven't felt grumpy in quite a while! i don't feel as wacky today at work as i did yesterday though, and right now i can feel myself coming into more and more balance.


(might also be my parents back from being away, i really enjoyed the quiet and space i had in the house and cooking and stuff.... when i was trying to sleep dad was watching some DVD real loud and mum had a shower and then my bro started wandering around turning lights on and there is this silly window into my room from the hall and the light shines right in my eyes while i'm trying to sleep. i was doing the relaxation exercise from the astral travelling course and i had this amazingly deep relaxation going on then all i could hear was sounds from the tv and i couldn't stop fixating on it and had to break the relaxation in my body to yell at my dad to turn it down..... arrrggg!)

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