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Bacteria are interesting critters, as we've learned time and again!


What I'm curious about is how this factors into the Taoist equation. What role do they inevitably play in cultivation? Are they connected with the 100 day mark? Do they perhaps feed off micronutrients accumulated after a long time without flushing the pipes, so to speak? What about practices like tummo? Are they the real tiny red spirits behind the ability to generate heat? Do they allow us, in certain situations, to tap into other bands of the energy spectrum than we would normally have access to?


Considering 90% of our serotonin resides in our guts in close conjunction with all these tiny thinking cells, suddenly possible correlations and connections are whizzing around my not-quite-conscious at breakthought speed.


Intriguing stuff, to be sure.


Any bums want to weigh in? Taomeow, I'm angling your direction. :D

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