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Hi everyone, I signed up on this forum, because lately I became very interested in spirituality. I became inspired by just a few videos on youtube, namely: The Arrivals series, John Chang and other people with amazing powers. I'm also interested in psionics/psychotronics I've read about these things in a "forbidden" book (Black Box) wich are actually some scanned files about some research ... I think that many of you that haven't heard about these two concepts (psionics/psychotronics) before ... would find them quite interesting, and that's about it, oh and lucid dreaming :) ... Nice to meet you all.


P.S. If any of you are willing to see the arrivals series, do so with an open mind because you might get the wrong idea of the entire series. I recomend this movie to anyone. Any questions about movie, or informations very hard to believe, look em up or ask me, you will find answers.

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