What California's Marijuana Legalization Campaign Really Threatens

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Funny, I thought that hemp was banned in the 30s because it threatened the cotton & plastics textile industry...Which also threatens GMO & pesticide companies today..I had no idea that the "real culprit" was just BEER, and not any of those other corporate interests! Guess I should let them off the hook now and just focus on boycotting PBR! Whew, thank you leftist mass media!


Hemp industry


Cannabis industry


Seperate issues. There is definitely no rational reason not to have a thriving Hemp industry to create a green industrial revolution without any Drug use permissiveness.


Hemp it seems likely was banned because it's competition with cotton and OIL and plastics, but I believe they used the drug issues to achieve the necessary FEAR mongering.


but that history doesn't have anything to do with whether or not liquor money may be fighting the legalization of cannabis.


IMO ALOT of noise should be made about hemp. We are currently seeing a growing niche in hemp products in this country, without any domestic production. Canada is leading the way with producing this cash crop. We could take over that industry in a heartbeat if it was allowed.


Seems a much easier fight to achieve than drug legalization but hasnt happened yet.





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