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Dr. Dcup

Taoist Video and Audio for sale.

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Hi all, I have the following at home that I am going to sell. The five Chia VHS tapes are hard to come by and aren't mentioned much. If you have a question or are interested in buying something send me a PM. Shipping can be whatever you want or the cheapest media mail. I can take cash, check, money order, paypal fee free, gold, silver. Thanks.


Mantak Chia DVDs

Guided Sitting Meditation Volume 9

Wisdom Chi Kung Volume 5

Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1 Volume 14 2 discs


Mantak Chia VHS Tapes

Fu Tsang Nei Kung

Slaying the Red Dragon-For the Immortal Sister

Water of Life Golden Liquid- Taoist Way to Transform Urine into Chi

Advanced Empty Force Tao Yin

Developing the Thunder Power- Advanced Male Sexual Practice


Mantak Chia Audio Tapes

Fusion of the Five Elements 1

Fusion of the Five Elements 2

Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1

Tai Chi Chi Kung 1

Kan and Li (Lesser Enlightenment)-Workshop -25 audio tapes


Michael Winn DVD

Eight Extraordinary Vessels Qigong-Fusion of the Five Elements 2&3



The Spirit of Tao-Thomas Cleary –Shambhala Pocket Classic


Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan- First Routine VCD

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan- New Frame Second Routine – Chen Zheng Xue DVD

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan- New Frame, Old Frame, 38 Posture form, Nei Gong– Chen Xiao Wang DVD 3 discs



I also have a bunch of other non related stuff at this link:

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