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Waking the awake

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Hey guys, I've had this experience where everything around me seemed an illusion. Don't know how to explain it, its vague. It was more then a feeling, because it actually gave me control over my perceptions, thus feelings, this started of scary. It was a weird experience. Scary at first, joyful later on. The Tao views everything around us as void, which brought me to the Tao. Everything around me, all external objects, and even my body and emotions were all perceivable, but it was like an illusion. As if I was 50% in another realm. This experience was short, but it did not fade away before me. The experience did not pass by for me to understand, to know the diffrence between then and now. Somehow it dissapeared just like you loose awareness when you go to sleep or go from lucid dream to non-lucid. But my eyes were open the whole time, I was simply awake. There is no boundary between this experience of now and that experience of now.


Others call this a higher state of consciousness whereby you wake up during waking state just like a lucid dreamer wakes up during a dream but is still in the dream. This usually results in an unstable position that requires alot of practice to keep stable and in control. I've trained this and managed to only have a few lucid dreams, and basicly you either risk being too consciousness of your real body lying in bed and you wake up, or you become lost in the dream and you loose awareness again and fall into a regular dream. It did feel scary when I had WILD experiences and MILD at first. For those of you who never heard of this, I know, but appearantly lucid dream is as real as cake.


My awakening during waking state felt the same as a lucid dream, everything around me felt very very fake and unstable, very scary at first, because this time external objects were not a dream but real familiar objects. I could control what I perceived with open eyes... I can't really relate this to much but higher awareness or Tao, if not those, probably scientificly it would be my "EYE that perceives perception and controls what to perceive and what not to perceive" Whereby perception is your believe system. It feels like you are not your body, you are everything around you.


I know its stupid to ask how to "recreate this state of mind", that seems completely nonsense to my rational mind, but if someone could tell me more about this it would help me place this experience somewhere. Don't know what to make of it other then my body tricking my mind. Nice experience tho, being in control over what you feel and not feel. kinda like fine tuning emotions, just b'cuz... I don't understand... maybe I'm just psychotic, even tho I've been educated quite alot. Thats out of the question right? Besides... I've only had this experience 1 time in my life.

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