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Hi everybody,


I found this forum via serendipity: somebody emailed me and asked me about a post of mine that somebody else has cut and pasted into this forum from the forum I made my original post onto. Aside from the complement of having been cut and pasted into this forum, after checking it out I thought this forum seemed pretty neat!


My basics are pretty basic: I work in a university counseling service as my day job and have practiced/taught a very old style of taijiquan for the past 38 years. I did a bit of aikido (Tohei's school) back in college and also practice/teach Systema (Russian martial art) alongside of the taiji (I used to teach it independently but lost my training hall when the ROTC kicked all non-ROTC activities out of the building. Anywhere else I could find wanted an arm and a leg for rent).


I'm married with three (mostly) teenagers, three cats and one dawg.


I'm originally from Ann Arbor but now live in the Upper Peninsula, specifically in the little finger that juts into Lake Superior in the northwest corner.


Hope to say 'hi' to all of you as I navigate around and about this forum.


All the best,


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