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I am curious about prayer from the Taoist point of view.

My background includes being involved for several years with a rather radical/strict chrisitan group. Now we did not do meditation per-se, but prayer on an individual and collective level were a major part of it, and I do have some interesting examples both personal and otherwise of getting amazing answers to prayer on occasion. As time went on I first left that group and then later on left the christian religion all together which leaves me with the question, who to pray to? Now I realize that somehow prayer can and does work, but since I do not beleive the christian version of god to be correct, I'm not exately sure who or what answered those prayers.

Also is there a Taoist way to pray? One prayer that I have not had answered is the one for finacial success lol. Is it wrong to pray for money/finacial help? It does certainly not seem to be very effective :/ . Anyone have any insight?

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