Wudang Qigong and Taiji Weekend with Wudang Taoist Priest Yun Xiang Tseng

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Sigh... Only for the wealthy it appears...





This is what happens with the conversion of a scared path to a capitalistic business. It's only "normal." But it's not all bad. The books are still affordable, including the timeless ones like TTC, Chuang Tzu and Lieh Tzu. 1000 years ago, you'd probably be taught for near free, or for a small donation, or perhaps altogether for free, but you couldn't just walk into the bookstore and have your pickings of 20 Daoist books. The change brings some good and some bad.


But yea, when you have a $2,800 fee, then all pretense of sacredness or spirituality is right out the window. At that point, it's just a business like any other, and buying yourself immortality is no different from buying yourself a couch.

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