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35,000 cancer patients have been treated by Dr. Coldwell and a medical institute in Europe said he has a 92.3% cure rate for cancer.

This Dr. Leonard Coldwell was on http://coasttocoastam.com last night and he spares no criticism of the medical industry -- he says cancer treatments are just about making money and that the treatments actually spread the cancer!! Last night Dr. Coldwell gave out this free report on how to cure cancer (he emphasizes that all types of cancer are from the same cause -- mainly free radicals) --


Dr. Coldwell says that stress is the main cause of cancer but the solution, he emphasizes, is an alkaline and oxygen rich (chlorophyll from greens) raw food diet with enzyme, mineral supplements.

Dr. Coldwell emphasizes purified B17 aka Laetrile (found in apricot seeds, apple seeds, plum pits, cashews, a long list is in the above paper etc.) He says you can buy B12 supplement as a form of laetrile as well.


Where things get decidedly more interesting is his proof that Eskimos and Indians living in their natural environments and eating traditional foods, NEVER contract cancer or suffer from heart complaints: exactly the same as the Hunza people in the Himalayas, despite the Eskimos and American Indians being carnivores rather than vegetarians.

Careful investigation reveals the most likely common factor to be vitamin B17. The caribou which form a large part of the staple diet of both groups graze predominantly on arrow grass containing up to 15,000 mg per kilo nitriloside, the primary source of B17. The salmon berries dried and eaten by Eskimos and Indians alike also contain huge quantities of vitamin B17.

So in these widely differing communities vegetarians and carnivores alike can both remain perfectly healthy. This is of particular importance to those who are environmentally unable to take up a vegetarian diet by choice. Such a diet would be well nigh impossible on the polar ice caps or in arid deserts.

Unfortunately for most 'civilized' western cultures, grasses and other foodstuffs now used to feed domestic animals intended for human consumption rarely contain more than a trace of nitriloside, though they did until botanists and biochemists started to genetically alter our plant life. In turn this means our secondary source of vitamin B17 (through the meat food-chain) is fast drying up.

Where The Hunza or Eskimaux get an average individual ration of between 250 and 3,000 milligrams of vitamin B17 every day, European folk eating 'healthy' modern foods receive barely 2 milligrams.

The key to laetrile is left-hand turning light -- the molecule polarizes light into a left-hand direction.


"Laetrile's use in medicine dates from the time of the great herbal of China, credited to the legendary culture hero Emperor Shen Nung (1st-2nd century A.D.), which is said to list kernel preparations useful against tumors. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Arabic physicians were all familiar with the biologic properties of bitter almond water... Pliny the Elder, Marcellus Empiricus, and Avicenna all used preparations containing laetrile to treat tumors. The same is true of the medieval pharmacopoeia." 1

The body requires an enzyme called beta-glucosidase in order to process laetrile and release the cyanide. Studies have shown that cancer cells contain more of this enzyme than normal cells, which allows for a higher release of cyanide at tumor sites.

Another enzyme known as rhodanese is important in this process. Normal healthy cells contain rhodanese which protects them from the activated cyanide. Most cancer cells are deficient in this enzyme, leaving them vulnerable to the poison. Tumor destruction begins once the cyanide is released within the malignancies, meaning laetrile therapy is selectively toxic to cancer cells while remaining non-toxic to normal cells.

Dr. Coldwell promotes DMSO -- which, as far as I can tell, is closely related to garlic -- Garlic kills cancer as well -- from the sulfide as sulfuric acid.

Dr. Coldwell also talks -- in this youtube lecture -- about electromagnetic pollution. That's one reason I sit in full lotus at the computer as much as possible. The hard drive of our computer emits electromagnetic pollution -- which goes into my hand right next to the mouse. So the qigong counteracts that.

Dr. Coldwell says chlorine and fluoride in showers causes cancer as well -- so get a shower head filter --

Well Dr. Leonard Coldwell's website was wiped out from too many hits by coasttocoast listeners -- that's a common coasttocoast problem:


Anyway he says that all profits from his sales of books, etc. goes to a medical foundation he created -- $42 million thus far -- Edited by drewhempel

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Interesting. I will throw my kitty in a trash bin if he actually has a 92% cure rate for cancer, though. ^_^


He says he's not a raw foodist - but if he does 70% right and 30% wrong he's still fine. haha.


I just threw a plum and an avocado in the vitamix -- so I can drink the pits. haha.


Oh yeah Chunyi Lin says he has a 95 percent healing rate for cancer -- legally you can't say cure cancer -- but healing energy blockages.


Dr. Coldwell says 86% of all doctor visits are stress related.

Edited by drewhempel

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Drew, you drink the pits, huh? That's news to me. How does it taste? :huh:


Well you're suppose to eat the pits with the fruit -- which I've done -- avocado and one plum. You can definitely taste the pits. I got vinegar in there as well but I know the taste of vinegar. The pits have this bitter taste. It's the cyanide -- but it's "organic" cyanide which breaks down and targets cancer because of the enzymes. haha. I mentioned this pit deal to my brother-in-law, an engineer, and he immediately dismissed the cyanide as poison - but biology is just too cool how there's amazing dynamics where everything gets routed and used. The bitter taste is cool -- I know there's some power to the pits.

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Interesting. I will throw my kitty in a trash bin if he actually has a 92% cure rate for cancer, though. ^_^


I will also throw Songs of Distant Earth's cat into the garbage bin if that guy has a 92% cure rate!!! ;)


No 5 year or 10 year survival rates or percentages? Simply totally cured. And 35,000 people, wow. If he's been practicing for 10 years thats curing about 10 people a day, every day of cancer. With so many people is it possible to have later checkups? (& thats not including the 2,450 dead)


Mark me down as skeptical. I suspect he's on the right track nutritionally, but by inflating his numbers he's throwing himself in with a large group of charlatans.



On the other hand I'm regularly doing avocado, banana spinach milk shakes. Maybe I'll start adding some avocado pit to it. Others have echoed good things about it.




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Dr Burzynski movie (FULL VERSION)



The Great Cancer Hoax: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down...


Dr. Burzynski has found a cure for cancer but then was ridiculed for his research. His work was then stolen by a former employee who now works for the opposition.


He patented his work, but then the FDA re-patented the same thing so that they could benefit from his findings and make a profit off it, ripping him off royally.


Then, if that wasn't bad enough, he now has to find $300 million for stage 3 testing, putting this out of his reach of ever being able to say he was the originator of the findings and research.


He has tested his work on lots of people who are now cancer-free and leading normal lives, thanks to him. Only those who had chemo and radio therapy prior to using Dr. Burzynski's method didn't seem to fair as well.


A long video, but well worth the watch.

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