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72 hour Global Shaktipat 7/9-11 starting Friday

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Free 72 hour Gobal shaktipat for spiritual awakening and for healing the Gulf Crisis & Animals & Humans Involved with Santiago and Susan.


JULY 9 - 11.


Peace & God Bless





You Simply tune in and keep tongue on the roof of the mouth and relax & breath deep. Ask your higher self to tune you into the GLOBAL SHAKTIPAT transmission.



If you need a break just tune in from Sun up to Sun down.


How to participate during GLOBAL Shaktipats


It is simple to participate in the GLOBAL Shaktipat. If you are sleeping at the time transmission is set you can tune in later.


Second: all you need to do is to do your normal meditation posture. You can even sit in a chair or lay down. It helps to have your spine straight and relaxed to facilitate the flow of energy. If you sit in a chair, sit with your palms face up on your lap to receive the energy. Breath your normal breath. If you are familiar with abdominal breathing, use that. It helps to sit in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. You may play music if you wish.


Third: Say in your heart, "I give consent to receive Shaktipat. May the Divine bless me as I am willing to receive."

Fourth: Maintain an attitude of gratitude and give thanks to your Creator for the transmission.


Fifth: Think and visualize of your head and heart chakras opening to receive just like a flower opening to receive the sun's light....


You may experience many symptoms, a few symptoms or no symptoms during the transmission. Some common ones are heat, coolness, feeling pressure on your skin or in your body, a sensation of a breeze or wind moving in the room, visions. Your hands or other parts of your body may feel tingling. You may feel lightheaded.


Safety considerations:


Please drink plenty of water during that 24 hour period and try to get some quality rest.


Shakti brings about change and can some times detox negative energies from the energy and body rather rapidly.


To benefit the most out of the experience place the tongue on the roof of the mouth on the upper palate above front teeth. This connects your conception and governor meridians and aids you in having a safer experience. Also make sure to afterward, or within that 24 hour period, go for a nice walk barefoot on Mother Earth so you help to ground your energies.


Maintain your spine ERECT naturally.


Only Beings that speak the truth are allowed to participate. This event is for the blessing and benefit of Mother Earth and all the beings who walk upon her.


To show your gratitude: Please donate to earthquake relief organizations:


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I've seen posts here where people move clouds and such.


Now lets

A. Stop the leak in the Gulf

B. Heal Stephen Hawking


This will be a unified 24/7 Tao Bums community effort


cue up Beatles... All together now!...all together now!


...the rest is up to you




We just signed up 2 days ago... the urging of our 7 yo twins!




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