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Chinese culture 'as it is'(sort of)

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There is a big difference between perceived Chinese culture these days and actual Chinese culture.


The problem being is the lack of access to actual Chinese thought due to the language. Much of what is officially presented as todays Chinese culture is somewhat biased due to the idea of face. Chinese people are guilty of this too, wanting to portray their country in a non 'warts and all' way. They take it all very personally.


Anyway, this following link is to a site you may find of interest. This site takes Chinese internet news and the comments of Chinese people and translates them into English, so it may not be so much use for your language practice, but it definitely can provide and interesting window into contemporary Chinese culture and issues.


I will say though, that many of the articles translated are rather sensationalist, as I'm guessing the sites editors obviously want to draw interest. They are though, quite common issues within the society as a whole. There are some some rather pointless articles too, to be fair.

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